Who’s Coming?

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  1. Ira Kuzma says:

    What is the process for obtaining media credentials?

  2. Is each truck going on specific days? Or will the same trucks be there all 3 days?

    • foodie says:

      More than 30+ gourmet food trucks will be there throughout all 3 days of foodie fest.
      -Your LV Foodie Fest Team

  3. Mmmm mmm good says:

    Is Everything that is served at each truck for free ordo each person have to pay for the food?

    • foodie says:

      VIP admission ($60 online) includes some exclusive tastings. (while supplies last)
      Regular 3-day passes ($7 online) do not include exclusive tastings.
      Food is sold by the different vendors. (Click “Who’s Coming?” tab to see the vendors)

      - Your LV Foodie Fest Team

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